Friday, October 9, 2009

Wildthyme - Phat Fiber Sample

There's no story included with this sample, nor a name that would invoke one. But wrapped up in pretty pink tulle was a pea of fiber fit to go under a princess's bed.

In fact, this sample was such a perfect example of green I found I couldn't photograph it like I did everything else from the Phat Fiber Box. The backdrop of my lawn made the green wool completely disappear.

The blend on the card says wool and mohair, but how much and what sort exactly I'm not certain. It spun like merino and I didn't really notice any mohair blended in while spinning but that doesn't mean it wasn't in there!

Wildthyme - Phat Fiber Sample
The fiber is wrapped very tightly in a ball and the strip is very thin. It was interesting to hold in my hand as I was drafting. I had a little trouble managing the delicate strip, but not too much. I loved the crimp of the fiber and it spun into a lovely single. There is just enough variation in the green to make it interesting.

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