Monday, March 31, 2008

Icosa Half-ball

Icosa Half-ball
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I think I can formally say I'm half done!

There are ten triangles knit and joined here (yay) and hung over my daughter's beach ball, sitting in a small bowl to keep it from rolling away... the strange things we do to take pictures of WIPs.

I also have the pillow-form sewn out of some old burgandy material that I once used to make DH an over-vest for his Ren Faire costume. I've had yards and yards left over sitting in a box gathering dust for ages, so it's a good use for less than one yard of it, since it shouldn't even be seen once the project is done. The fabric was a bit heavier than I really wanted to use, but that will just make for a sturdier ball-form, right? Right.

Here's hoping I get done with the rest of it soon enough, and then graft shut all the holes...

Friday, March 21, 2008

25% done?

Icosa Ball
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You'd think it would be easy to estimate how far along you are on a project that has 20 parts ... each part is an easy 5%, right? What about all the fiddly little finishing touches this project requires? Does 5% take into account seaming one part to the next? What about machine-sewing the pillow-form that goes inside, and stuffing it?

I'm approximately 25% done. That is, I've finished five triangles, and joined them together (using kitchener stitch--I'm getting MUCH better at this technique, and still only 26 more joins to go).

The Icosa Ball is fascinating on many levels. It's very mathematically minded, but at the same time you are constantly faced with aesthetic decisions, even on the repetitive triangles (how to get the increases to look nice, how to get the color joins even and smooth and deal with loose ends).

At the same time I like that it's so very modular, because I can set it down and slip another project in between doing triangles and get a break from doing the same thing over and over. I'm going to love getting this done, but I'm not sure I'll ever make another one... or if I do I might try and modify the pattern to be significantly smaller. I'm betting it would be just as cool without quite so many repeats in each triangle.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Baby Magic Slippers

Baby Magic Slippers
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I had to take a brief break from the Icosa Ball to work on a shower gift for a good friend. She's due very soon, and decided to not find out the gender of her baby.

These little booties were the perfect pattern. I went through my Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn stash; I have a whole bag of mill-ends. In there I found a lovely colorway with a soft rosy red and green, purples and blues. I think I'll put a bow across the top to tie the little things on so they're not always falling off as slippers are wont to do on tiny little feet.

They're so very small and darling!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Less than 5% done!

Icosa Welt Ball
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That's a daunting thought. I have one of 20 triangles done, plus all the joining that will need to be completed before this project is finished. Yikes!

I think I'm going to try and do one or two a week and just not worry about finishing it too fast. Then I'll be pleasantly surprised--I hope--with how fast it gets done!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Icosa Issues

icosa welt ball 2
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I've started the Icosa Welt Ball five times now, knit a couple of gauge swatches, and tried a bunch of different increase-stitches as I'm working. I'm just not happy with how it's coming out. I borrowed a finished-product picture from one of the many gorgeous finished objects on Ravelry. I'll sub my own in once I get to the point I can take some pictures.

It could be the yarn. Shibui Sock seems lovely when you first pull it out. Nice colors. The texture is very squishy. But it stretches like crazy. I'm having the worst time getting a consistent gauge and a nice, tight cloth. Because this will be a pillow, I want the cloth to have a strong, firm texture, rather than a lovely, flowing drape.

I'm considering going down several needle sizes, but then my row gauge is very off. I could modify the number of rows, but then I worry about running out of yarn. I could modify the repeats of rows (more rows, fewer repeats) and keep the same total number, but then I'm worried about the overall appearance and joining the project. It's a big, complicated piecing project that could fall apart long before I get anywhere near the end and have any clue it's totally messed up.

I suppose I did want a challenge!