Monday, October 5, 2009

Beesybee Fibers - Phat Fiber Sample

This beautiful sample is commercially processed top from Beesybee Fibers. It is a merino/bamboo blend. Because merino is protein fiber, and bamboo is cellulose, only the wool has taken the dye in this case. The bamboo is blended throughout and stands out visibly as silken white fiber. It gives the very soft merino a beautiful sheen. The strip of roving is mostly white but has a long section of soft green and a bit of an under-saturated navy blue as well.

8.9g were provided in the sample which gets a thumbs up from me on my "did you send at least 1/4 ounce" scale. I was pleased with the clearly printed business card, but would have liked percentages on the mix of merino to bamboo.

Beeseybee Fibers - Phat Fiber Sample
It spun as wonderfully as I would expect a merino/bamboo blend to do. It is a very smooth blend and does well being spun into fine singles with high twist. I was able to make just over 40 yards of 2-ply in a nice lace-weight yarn.

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