Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Banana Migraine Designs - Phat Fiber Sample

Banana Migraine Designs -- how can you not love a name like that? This little batt is 100% superwash wool. One thing you should know about superwash, if you think merino wants to be spun fine and silk is slippery, superwash blows both out of the water. Because it has been processed (either coated or stripped of its scales that would cause the fiber to felt) there isn't anything left for the fibers to grab onto one another.

I decided to go for a three-ply rather than two-ply with superwash. It's great for a sock yarn. I split the batt right off into three equal sections. One section was entirely blue/green. One was almost entirely pink, and the third was a mix of both. With each ply containing the blue/green color, I thought it would dominate. But as I spun it blended into a lovely purple!

Banana Migraine Designs - Phat Fiber Sample
The three-ply is almost thin enough to still be lace-weight. It's certainly on the lighter end of fingering. I'll also have to keep in mind that as the only superwash offering with this sample-box, I'll not want to combine it into any project I plan on felting!

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