Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hand-carded Pygora blend

It's so much easier to blog each day when you get ahead of yourself! I don't mind letting you in on a little secret--I'm writing several posts all at once and then letting them play out over time ;) I hope that's okay!

This lovely little bit of fluff is pygora. But it's not just pygora. I have delved once again into blending with my hand-cards and made a series of batts that blend soft cream pygora with white merino/silk top. You may remember the half-ounce I picked up at Stitches Midwest. This type B pygora (which means it's a blend of cashmere-type coat and very soft mohair-type) was too tempting to pass up. But what to do with 1/2 ounce?

I have been stretching it in this blend. I added enough merino/silk to bring it to a full ounce. I then carded a series of batts with each fiber in it, stacked them and pulled of sections that included all the previous batts and re-carded that. And then did it again. And one more time. I really wanted a smooth, complete blend.

The pygora was a little disappointing. I was very surprised when I pulled it out of its package to find that the ends of the batt that had been tucked into the middle were matted together. I had a very hard time pulling it apart. While carding, I found that the fiber isn't particularly uniform and has quite a bit of tiny neps in it. Some sections spin out into extremely uniform thread, but I often happen into an area that is harder to draft, or has these tangles of fiber that just want to stick together.

It is deliciously soft. It is hard not to just stop and pet the carded batts and enjoy it unspun. It also has a lovely luster. I'm hoping the finished lace-weight yarn will make a very nice scarf or neck-warmer. I'll have to decide when I'm done whether or not I'll dye the lot of it a color, or leave it in its natural off-white.

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