Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sheepy Kitty - Phat Fiber Sample

When I get a fiber I really like, I find it particularly annoying when it isn't labeled! Sheepy Kitty provided this perfect pink twist of combed top, but I have no idea what sort of wool it is. I'd venture BFL or Corridale. (Thank you Naomi! It's BFL. Silly me I tossed the bag and didn't check it for labeling, which is entirely my fault and not yours!) It's a medium-staple wool (longer than merino, but no where near as long as those delicious Wendleydale samples!). It's not particularly soft, nor particularly rough. In short, it's pretty much impossible to identify.

I liked it. I liked it a lot. I liked the color, the staple and the preparation. I liked that she gave us 10.2g to work with. I liked the adorable little twist it was pulled into. I liked the cute little story about her kitty Kilala on her blog. In short, this was perfect--except for not knowing what the heck it was!

Sheepy Kitty - Phat Fiber Sample
It spun very smoothly with a great feel in my hands. It was easy to draft, easy to control, took a nice amount of twist and plied well. Not much more you can ask for there. I'd say this is a strong workhorse wool and would do wonderfully in mittens, or spun up for a jacket or cardigan.


Naomi said...

It was BFL- it was labeled on the bag it came in:0) Next time it might be more helpful if I put the fiber content on the fiber. I am glad that I saw this- the feed back is helpful.

TinkerTots said...

Thank you! I added that to the post and I apologize for being so disorganized as to have thrown out the labeling on the bag without writing it down, first!

I'm glad the feedback helps. I was hoping people would appreciate it and not be hurt by it. Whew.