Friday, October 16, 2009

Jacob wool

Jacob wool
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As if I needed further confirmation that my default spinning thickness isn't lace... I played around with the Jacob fleece I was gifted last Spring.

This is a beautiful fleece. For Jacob (which is an unimproved breed and the wool much more robust than fine) this is a very nice and soft fleece! Jacob has both white and dark sections and this is obviously from the black. It is BEAUTIFUL.

Because I hardly did a perfect job separating the two colors, there are a few strands of white here-and-there throughout the roving. It gives the yarn a very nice character. Spinning "reasonably thin" and then chain-plying the yarn yielded a bouncy yarn with a lot of character. It swatches at 6 stitches per inch, which is Sport weight on the chart I have.

The best part was taking this swatch into the owner. She rescued her two Jacob sheep and was originally fairly apprehensive about having done so. But she loves them now and the excitement in seeing the fleece actually used is just wonderful.

I can't wait to make something really special.

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