Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I just started my first sock-club's socks. The yarn is fabulous. It's from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and I won't spoil anything by posting colors, weight or any other details.

That said, I finished the ribbing on both socks (I'm knitting on two sets of DPNs and doing each section in series, so.. rib, rib, leg, leg, heel, heel, etc). The colorway has pooled something awful. That means that even though the colors vary through the yarn, similar colors are "stacking" up on one side, and the rest are striping on the other. The first sock looked like it might manage a slow spiral, but the second is an even slower spiral! And looking at the direction that spiral is moving, I think that's going to die with the addition of 2 stitches as I start on the leg.

I think I'll frog the pair of 'em and start over on smaller needles. There goes a good hour's work! Oh, well. We had a good bedtime with the kids tonight, so that made for some nice quiet knitting time for me. Hopefully I'll get some time again tomorrow.

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