Monday, February 4, 2008

Rocky Going

Slow going on the Serendipity Socks. The pattern is easy enough, but I managed to forget two rows in the lace about half way back, so I ended up frogging (again) a good portion of the second sock. Now I'm looking at the striping between the two socks and noticing significant differences. I'm worried my gauge is changing! Argh!

There is nothing like trying to achieve a particular effect on TWO socks at the same time to reveal just how nit-picky you can get with your own knitting. After all, I probably could have just ignored the missing two rows, or slipped a two-row-repeat in to make up the difference. But I would have known the mistake was there and it would have bugged me forever!

Now I just have to decide if I'll frog (AGAIN) and try and get the striping right, or if it's just an artifact of the yarn and give in.

At this point I have finished one repeat of the pattern on the first sock, and a little over half of the pattern on the second sock, provided I don't rip it back to knit it tighter.

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