Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Shrug, Part Deux

The shrug is going really fast! I have a goal of at least one full repeat of the pattern each evening, and that's going well. It's also nice that I feel comfortable putting it down after that one repeat, rather than feeling driven by it. Tomorrow I'm on my last full repeat, and then I go back to the more narrow width, which should finish even faster.

Then I get to knit the diamond-border for the whole thing. I have a feeling that will take longer than I think.


stickyfingers said...

I am about to cast on for this too and I had the same question about the 17 from the cast on did you ever figure it out?

Tinker Tots said...

I measured my arm and it came out around 11 inches .. which would be the 17.5 from the original cast-on minus the 4 inches in between the two cast-ons...

So in other words, I did 17.5 inches from the original cast-on.