Friday, January 11, 2008

Secret Santa Project

Reynolds Soft Sea Wool
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This year (that is to say merely a month ago, but in 2007) I participated in a Secret Santa exchange through It was wonderfully well run and I was overjoyed to get my hands on some yarn I'd never seen before. In fact, I've been all over town since, and have been completely unable to find Reynolds' Soft Sea Wool.

It's a shame I can't get it locally, since it's really lovely and sproingy. I've started knitting a pair of socks designed by Debbie O'Neil called "A Little Twisted Socks" which are intended to introduce the knitter to twisted stitches.

And it's "so far so good". I'm a couple inches in, and being able to get the mini-cables to twist just fine. I'm not doing it exactly as the instructions suggest, but that's hardly important since the method I am using makes me comfortable and reasonably quick (and, of course, twists the stitches properly).

More pictures to come, eventually.

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