Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Sugarplum Shrug lace pattern

I'm maybe 50% into my Sugarplum Shrug from Interweave Knits' Holiday Gifts 2007 and I'm still loving it. The yarn feels almost buttery between my fingers, and I like to pull out what I have done and just run my hand over it.

I'm feeling a bit apprehensive over some wording in the pattern, tho. The pattern starts at one width, goes for about 4", and then you cast on more stitches and continue in pattern for a while. The instructions say to go about 17" from the cast-on, but it doesn't specify if that's the original cast on edge, or the secondary cast-on edge. I'm leaning towards 17" from the beginning of the work, but I'm hoping for some feedback on Ravelry.com to give me more confidence in that.

At any rate I have a couple more repeats before hitting my first 17" mark, and that should take about two days. I'll figure it out then, hopefully!

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