Monday, July 5, 2010

Tour de Fleece - Day Three

It's a FIBER DUCK. EEEeee!

Okay, so maybe I've been working too hard. Maybe not. But the way this skein kinked up and twisted on itself just amused me to no end.

Today was the day of the Long Draw. I pulled out two big balls of roving that I pulled myself from batts in a drum-carding class. The beauty of long draw is that on a wheel it is fast, fast, fast. Both balls took almost no time to spin up at all.
Drum Carding Class - Split ComplimentaryDrum Carding Class - Quadratic Rectangle

I finished spinning the first before we left for the gym this morning. I got my daily workout in (interval running today, it was brutal!). And my daily knitting as well. Gotta keep working on the shawl! It's continuing to shape up nicely and as triangular shawls do, it is taking longer and longer the more I knit. My husband stayed home and cleaned the house. I think I may have gotten the better end of the deal, there.

The kids and I splurged on Happy Meals for lunch. It was pretty fun to sit down and chat, enjoy our food, and generally ramble around McDonald's. I'm not big on the food there, but for an occasional thing it's pretty fun. They also have a touch-screen computer with some games on it for the kids to mess around playing. They have a blast. The current toys are from "The Last Airbender" movie, which has received abysmal reviews. Luckily we already love it from the Nickelodeon cartoon and will never have to watch the live-action version.

Tour de Fleece - 6/5
Back at home, I wound off what I had spun so far and started the next bump of spinning while the kids were playing happily together. When they asked to play with the squirt guns, I dumped everything, shoved my husband in bed to take a nap and took the kids outside. It was a gorgeous day and I sat down on the hose-box on the porch to be "Refill Woman", which consists of watching the kids doing their best to soak each other, and being ready for them to come back to me every two minutes to get their water-guns filled up again. My perch on the hose is reinforcement to "not squirt Mommy" because I can retaliate, big time. After "Refill Woman" I was able to spindle in the garage for a bit while the kids chased each other in circles. Literally. Every once in a while one would dart into the garage and declare "I won!". I guess they were racing. At any rate, it was good fun.

When three-o'clock rolled around, I woke my husband up to help out. We all headed off to the grocery, and The Boy passed out completely in the car. Rather than tote him around the whole trip, I stayed in the car (with my knitting, whew!). He woke up on the way home again, just in time for everyone except me to toodle off to the park.

Tour de Fleece - 6/5
This was good for me, since it gave me enough time to run around, finish yarns, spin up the rest of the Quadratic Rectangle roving, wind and ply it, clean the table, make dinner, lay out PJs for later, and be ready for everyone to arrive back home sandy and hot.

After dinner, I left for my Monday night knitting group and had a blast. I'm really blessed to be able to get together with such a fun bunch of women, and I hope they all enjoy coming on Monday nights as much as I do!

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Anonymous said...

You are astonishing! Wish I had half your energy. <3 KT