Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tour de Fleece - Day Five

We have arrived on the fifth day of the Tour and I have to tell you all, nothing is happening today. So I bring you a pretty picture of the Quadratic Rectangle roving, all washed and beaten until it fluffed up gently fuzzy.

Despite my best efforts, unless some massive flash of brilliance explodes upon me, I'm done for the day already. I've wound off my Tea single and am starting the third (and hopefully last) section of top for that spinning project. It looks pretty much the same as it did the last few times I've talked about it, except now it is wound on TP rolls instead of a spindle.

I tried to knit on Grandma's shawl and I got two rows done and put it away. I just was not feeling like it this morning. I wasn't feeling like working out, either, but I still walked and ran 3.25 miles. So my time at the gym wasn't an entire loss.

I may paw through my stash for something small to do. Or sort and wash some locks. Or just ponder the Puck's Mischief problem until that sorts itself out in my head.

Above all, I think we'll go out and play at the park today, with plenty of sunscreen on. It's supposed to hit 95 at least. Maybe we'll wander down to the Dairy Queen and have a couple of kids' cones. It's the perfect way to spend an unmotivated Wednesday afternoon.

UPDATE at 8:00 PM
Tour de Fleece - 6/7
Okay, apparently I posted too soon. Because mid-day I decided "to heck with it" and pulled back out a huge bump of my off-white wool and went to town on it. I think I'll be participating in Sandy Wiseheart's sweater KAL and I'll need at least a pound-and-a-half of yarn spun up, and probably closer to two pounds considering it's handspun (and thus often heavier in weight for the same length of yarn when spun by a mill--mills are better at keeping the air in). I was just so hung up and frustrated with Puck's Mischief I couldn't get around it. Now I'm past that and happy spinning again.

Also, Andrea, I was totally brainless and distracted when I saw you today. Your spinning is looking GORGEOUS!!! I hope to see it closer on Monday night next week.

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Geek Knitter said...

Aww, thanks so much!

I couldn't seem to get out of park & draft with the spindle and fiber I got in my workshop, so I went back to that lovely purple stuff and the spindle a friend gave me. 50/50 baby alpaca/mohair.

I solemnly swear to bring it on Monday... honestly I spaced it out completely this week!