Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Three Little Skeins from Spool

Look! It's a lot of yarn!

I've been spinning a lot of white wool for the Tour de Fleece. Enough that I feel horribly redundant blogging about it day after day after day (so I stopped). But that doesn't stop me from spinning. Here we are with three skeins that had me thinking of three women in wide skirts and fluffy wraps, and of course I ended up humming silly tunes all day.

I've managed to spin slightly heavier than I'd intended. This yarn is destined to be "A sweater that fits" a-la a KAL/class run by Sandi Wiseheart. She would like us to use DK-weight yarn, but this is not DK. I'm closer to 10 WPI which would put it at "light worsted" (or even full worsted, hard to say for sure). But I'm falling in the requisite range for gauge, so I think I will roll with it.

As lovely as this yarn is "au naturel", it will eventually be taking a leisurely dip in a very large dye pot. I just need to figure out exactly what color to dye it!

I'm going to be making a cardigan with it, possibly with a some leafy detail. I'm a Summer and look very good in cool colors, so I'm thinking maybe a blue-ish Forest green, although I have also entertained a chocolaty brown, or even that hard to define color that is somewhere between purple, brown and red. I have plenty of time to think about it, but feel free to weigh in with your thoughts! It always helps.


Araignee said...

Oh wow!
This should be MY end of the tour post as strangely enough we had the same goal this year. I have ended up with next to nothing as our 100 degree, record breaking weather has caused me to avoid all my warm and fuzzy stuff for weeks now. I am totally envious but as the wool is still in the bucket, I am hoping that some beautiful, white skeins will be in my future too as soon as the weather changes.

Rose, aka whorlwindweaver said...

Those are lovely skeins. You have a lot to show for this tour!