Sunday, July 1, 2012

TdF - day two

Day two. Weekends are busy for us, but I found 15 minutes (it is the Tour de Fleece after all) to sit down and work from one end of the bobbin to the other.

You might notice that I am "cross lacing" my single across the flyer arm. This was an amazing take-away from a class I had with Judith MacKenzie. You often cross-lace the single on antique wheels, but I had never considered how to do it on my Lendrum wheel. Many antique wheel are double-drive, which can be more difficult to adjust for very light tension. Cross-lacing allows you to reduce the take-up which in turn lets you spin much thinner yarn. On the Lendrum wheel, not only does it reduce that take-up tension, but because there are no hooks or guides on the opposite arm it lets the yarn move around a bit more. This means more even filling of the bobbin with less stopping to move the year guide. It's a win-win.


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