Friday, July 20, 2012

Well, that didn't go as planned...

I had high hopes for the Tour de Fleece this year. Unrealistically high. I know in the past I've found a minute here and a bit of time there to spin while off on vacation. And of course, I have never been out of town for the Tour until this year. But I completely didn't reckon in the amount of pure fun we'd be having off with the Grandparents.

The Chicago area clocked in at high-90 to 100+ degree temps for the Fourth of July week. It was a huge shock to our systems coming out of the 65-70s of the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Even today the temps haven't yet cracked 60. So when I eyed the lovely batts and silk I had brought along to spin, I can't say that they were very tempting.

But the kite was!

Furthermore, it's awfully hard to want to distract yourself from the pure fun of Disney World in Orlando (also high-90s weather makes you want to grab that nice, frosty glass of lemonade-slurpy and not drag the spindle out of your bag to get the fiber all matted, wet and messy).

And as lovely as the beach vistas are, they also don't do much to inspire pulling out wool and silk.

So, while I had a lovely two weeks away from home, I finished very little spinning. And I'm good with that.

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