Saturday, June 30, 2012

TdF 2012 - day one

Tour de Fleece, day one, and we are going to try an experiment. Because I'll be out and about for most of this Tour, I'm going to attempt to blog it from my iPad, pictures and all!

Above is my first day of work. I'm better than half-way into four ounces of Julie Spins in a lovely blend of Merino/yak/silk. It is wonderfully saturated in deep shades of pink, aqua and blue. I have two braids of this that I will be plying together, but as it won't be traveling with me, I probably won't complete it until near the end of the Tour.

In the meantime, I will be traveling with two AbbyBatts and a couple ounces of tussah silk from Silk and Shine (I'm really looking forward to these, too).

I'll keep you updated as I can, and in the middle I have a few queued posts that may go up. Happy Tour spinning to you!


(Here's the unspun fiber, from a photo I snapped a while back.)
JulieSpins UnClub - Sept 2011

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