Friday, July 20, 2012

A "Thank You"

Box Huck Scarf by Project Pictures
Box Huck Scarf, a photo by Project Pictures on Flickr.
I had someone help me out this year with the kids that needed a special something extra. I also had some lovely, squishy yarn that I wanted to use with pattern published in a recent Handwoven magazine.

It wasn't a perfect fit, but really.. I see a pattern or draft as a stepping-off point. A loose theme around which I want to improvise. Some of my improvisation is yarn (the project called for organic cotton, I had superwash wool; it wanted a heavier weight, I had fingering). Some of it is sett. Some of it is pattern. You have to make all of these dance to your own tune to really make a project work.

But after adjusting for minor differences between what I was told to do and what I had available, I came up with this scarf.

And it's delightfully squishy.

I feel it is a perfect "thank you" for someone that helped me out of a real jam.

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