Friday, October 15, 2010

Northfield Swatches

I swatched again.

I'm really loving this KAL with Sandi Wiseheart. It's making me think a lot more about my knitting than I usually do.

Because the handspun is really quite so special, and because I don't really understand where Sandi is going, and because she wanted something "with drape", I opted to knit new swatches using WEBS's Northfield yarn. It is a Merino/silk/alpaca blend and should drape a bit more than my handspun will.

I also thought my handspun was a bit thick, but after swatching Northfield my gauge came out almost exactly the same as with the hand-spun yarn.

I'm still going to knit this sweater with the Northfield yarn.

Then I'm going to design my own for the handspun. :)

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