Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm not a writer

Abby Batt Blue
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I'm really not. A friend pointed this out, although not to me personally. But I do try to keep up with my projects, from time to time.

So we're really due for a post, aren't we?

This fiber is a Merino/silk/cashmere blend created by Abby Franquemont. I purchased it as a package deal from Bosworth spindles as part of their "Batt, Book and Birdseye" promotion. With the purchase I got the batt, a birdseye Mini Bosworth spindle, and a signed-bookplate-copy of Abby's Respect the Spindle book (worth every penny of the purchase all by itself).

Abby Batt Blue
It. Is. Awesome.

It spun up wonderfully on my "default" spindle, the original Bosworth I purchased almost two years ago. I had a great time working on it while on vacation. Once plied, this thicker single puffed up lusciously into a thicker yarn than I usually spin. I estimated about 150 yards of 2-ply when finished. Plenty for a luxurious hat!

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