Friday, October 22, 2010

Ambrosia and Bliss

Ambrosia and Bliss
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I have started attending a spinning group on Saturday afternoon. I has been a lot of fun! I spend much of the morning giving my husband a break by making pancakes and taking the kids to their gymnastics lessons. And once that is wrapped up, I give the children "Daddy time" and take off for Textiles a Mano to spin for a couple of hours.

Since we like to chat a lot, I've hunted through my stash for fiber that isn't earmarked for a particular purpose. The first thing that came to my hand was a bag of these lovely batts from Ambrosia and Bliss. Based on "Jareth" the Goblin King of the Labrynth movie, the batts are a blend of organic Merino and a whole host of other fibers.

They were delicious to spin up. The batts were nicely blended, with a few thicker chunks of silk and bamboo fiber in a few places. Four batts were included and I spun for three-ply yarn by putting one and 1/3 batts on each of three bobbins. Plied together they created about 370 yards.

There is just the right amount of heathering and sparkle in this fiber. I'm really looking forward to knitting up something like a Traveling Woman shawl.

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