Thursday, October 14, 2010

Into the Whirled samples

If I have been happy about anything from my Phat Fiber box, it was the introduction to Into the Whirled on Etsy. Into the Whirled does really lovely fiber. We've had a lot of fun doing bi-monthly Spin-a-longs. And in addition to your purchase, Cris always sends a 1/2-ounce sample of some other colorway.

Here you can see two of those samples. One is "Grape". The other is "Dark Night, Deep Purple". I spun both on a spindle and N-plied them in separate skeins, but then wrapped up the two together, since most likely I will knit them in the same project.

The fiber blend is Merino/bamboo. I have said time and again I'm not a huge fan of "reconstituted" fibers (bamboo, soysilk, milk-silk, etc). But when blended they can add a lot to a yarn. In this case the bamboo, really "viscose" made from bamboo cellulose, adds a lovely luster to the otherwise matte Merino wool. I like this blend, and the dye job is surpurb!

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