Thursday, January 28, 2010

Imagine, Together

Merino Silk Blend
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Look! It's more pretty fiber! My rented wheel is burning through the stash at an amazing rate. That's a good thing, since I have plenty to spin!

This is four ounces (two each) of "Imagine Together" merino/silk blend. I fell in love with them in the first aisle at Stitches Midwest and walked the entire floor before going back and buying them. The saturated colors entranced me. I felt that the price for merino/silk blend was entirely reasonable (although I didn't realize I'd be paying Cook County's 10% tax on them! It's painful when you're accustomed to no sales tax at all). I'm questioning, now, if they might not be merino/bamboo instead. Silk should have taken the color of the dye unless it was blended in later, and the salesperson there was a bit uncertain about the labeling of the products.

Imagine Together - Merino/silk
At any rate, I decided to spin these these up as 2-ply fingering weight. I think I may knit them together into two coordinating hats, or a pair of colorwork mittens. They are going to be plenty warm with just a hint of shine and the semi-solid color has lots of depth.

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