Monday, January 18, 2010

Starflower Socks

Starflower Socks
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One of the little things I did in back in October was knit my sister-in-law (HI!!) a pair of socks! Of course, since I know she visits here from time to time, posting said socks was not a brilliant idea if I wanted to keep the surprise. So, of course, I didn't.

Now that I'm catching up a bit on my posts, I can!

These lovely socks are Starflower Socks, a pattern written by Jeannie Cartmel. I knit these with a side-gusset, and a Cat Bordhi reinforced heel and I'm told they fit great! It helped that when my sister visited this summer, I measured her feet. Muahahaha. Tricky me! I was also able to enter them in the Sock Knitters Anonymous October challenge under the designer category (Jeannie Cartmel). She has some seriously cute socks!

One thing to consider when knitting these socks is the stretch. Slipped stitches in general draw in the fabric you are making because you are pulling one stitch across multiple rows of knitting. The stitches around it do give up some of themselves to allow the slipped stitch to stretch, but the more you pull it across the fabric, the less elasticity it will have. I highly recommend making the stitch-to-be-slipped longer when pulling it across more than just one row (in this case you pull it up two rows AND over two stitches and that's a pretty long distance for one little stitch!).

For me, this means when I knit the stitch I will slip in the next row, I wrap it twice around the needle. When I get to it next, I drop the extra wrap. Since the stitch is now twice as long as its neighbors, it pulls easily and doesn't stress the fabric too much.

If you ever knit something with slipped stitches, I hope that helps!

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