Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wow, what a weekend!

This was the weekend of the Black Sheep Gathering (it's winding up even as I type this afternoon). It was amazing!

It was so amazing, it's going to take several posts to wrap the whole thing up, but I'll start with the sheep-show.

I love walking through the sheep-and-goat rooms at BSG. They smell (a little) but mostly it's a clean-barny smell with lots of lanolin that I love (unless it's a particularly warm weekend, and then it turns towards other things, but this week we had amazingly lovely weather!). I always take the time to snap a bunch of pictures (no flash, tho!)

So here we are with a mostly-picture post. I'll leave the photos themselves to do most of the talking.

Wee adorable Pygora goats:
BSG - colored pygora

BSG - colored pygora

The Big Billy Goat Gruff (my daughter and I seek him out every year!):
BSG - Billy Goat Gruff

Jacob, my favorite breed:
BSG - Jacob sheep

Oh, I forgot what this dude was.. but what awesome colored horns!
BSG - Sheep

A small Shetland:
BSG - Shetland

And Navajo-Churro:
BSG - Navajo-Churro

BSG - Navajo-Churro colors

There's lots more to come! I'd better get writing.

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