Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finally, it's Saturday!

BSG - Fiber Arts by Project Pictures
BSG - Fiber Arts, a photo by Project Pictures on Flickr.
No, not today. But finally after all that other stuff, we get to Saturday at BSG.

Friday, the judging went on all afternoon and as it finished the Fiber Arts show closed! So I was unable to find out how my entries did.

Since this was my first year entering, and because Judith MacKenzie was judging, I was horribly nervous. My husband found it all very amusing (and asked, facetiously, if I really ought to be expecting to win anything at all in my first time entering a fiber-arts show--he loves to get a rise).

But Saturday I was able to return to the Gathering for the afternoon and the first place I stalked to was the Fiber Arts show, all nervous and silly. But guess what?! I did earn two first place ribbons! I'm so thrilled!

One was for a skein of 2-ply yarn I spun from absolutely gorgeous batts created by Laura of Textiles A Mano. These were part of my Christmas gift from my husband and they were just beautiful. They also spun up wonderfully! I'm told (because I couldn't stay to watch the entire judging) that Judith said they were lovely and evenly spun with excellent twist. Or something close to that! Yay!

BSG - Fiber Arts
My other entry was none other than my Solar Flare shawl! I'm really terrifically pleased with this one, because a lot of work went into it. The gorgeous AbbyBatts (in the colorway "Hless") were spindle spun, the singles were plied on my wheel, and I knit the whole thing into my very own pattern. I feel I own this project down to its very last stitch and I'm horribly proud of it all.

So that was a fantastic start to Saturday, and it wasn't even over yet! But I think the rest will have to wait for one last post.

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