Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BSG - Spinning Cashmere

Still blogging day 1 (Friday) of Black Sheep Gathering and next up is my special treat to myself.. a class on how to spin cashmere! YUM. I mean, really, who can pass up the opportunity to play with superior luxury fibers? Not me, that's for sure.

If nothing else happened in this class but we got to play with the fibers, I would have been happy enough. Our instructor, Cynthia Hereen, came with enough samples to make the most demanding personality happy. We spun...

White cashmere
Tan cashmere
Brown cashmere
15-micron white cashmere
Brown cashmere/silk
White camel

They were amazing!

BSG - Spinning Cashmere
And on top of that, I had a great "spinning buddy" in Rebecca G. I'm so glad we got to sit next to each other and enjoy all this luscious stuff!

I would have liked some more intense instruction. We were able to play with the fiber and spin it, but a lot of the deeper "whys" were missing in the how-to. I don't know if I'm looking for too much in that or not. It was still a wonderfully enjoyable class and worth every penny.

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Sarah said...

Glad you enjoyed the class. Cashmere is so buttery smooth...it's heavenly to spin. I love every bit of the spinning experience, enjoyment. Sorry I missed you at BSG but hope to get to see you when I visit the valley in a week :D Congratulation on first place placement on your lovely shawl!