Friday, June 20, 2008

Pain and Humor under the Frog

Okay, so maybe the title makes no sense. I tend to get whimsical or poetic at odd moments and who knows if it translates.

My poor not-so-little Anastasia socks hit the frog pond once again this afternoon. I took them with me to share with friends at our usual Friday morning activity. All well and good. I put them on, strutted around, and then peeked down at the right sock and said, "Huh. Why are the back decreases here on the side of my leg? Let me just TWIST that around and... huh. That's not right."

So I took them off and gave it a good look and--sure enough--I put the calf decreases up the inside edge of my leg, instead of the back. They were 90-degrees off! ACK! It seems when I wasn't paying attention I chose the wrong pair of needles as the point of the 'heel' and just worked all my decreases without ever checking. Ooops.

I debated for a while. Could I possibly just wear them this way? It'd be humorous. I could show off my little mistake and laugh. Yah. Sure I could. When I got home, in when the needles just below the decreases and out came the yarn. What a shame, since I washed them yesterday as well. The yarn had its memory and it was QUITE crinkly. Still, re-knitting isn't so bad and I managed to get the whole cuff done in the course of the afternoon, getting a row or two in when the moment presented itself.

It's a good thing, because I really wanted to wear them tomorrow to go by the Black Sheep Gathering in town and show off my first almost-design!

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Diane said...

So HOW many times have you knit these now?

This does make you a REAL knitter, you know.