Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fastest knit yet

First Leafling
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I finally got off my duff and got back on track with my Sock Club socks for this year. I'm three months and two packages behind, and the next comes mid-July so it's certainly time to get going.

So it's happy for me that the March shipment was Socks that Rock in the Mediumweight style. Mediumweight comes in at a heavy fingering or perhaps Sport weight yarn. I haven't ever knit with Sport, so it's hard for me to say definitively. It is noticeably thicker than the Lightweight, tho, and makes a significantly different sock.

This colorway is called "Lucky" and arrived appropriately near St. Patrick's Day this year. It has a wonderful spring to it. I'm using size 2 (2.75mm) needles and they seem HUGE. It's amusing how relative our perceptions can be. I got used to working on 0s and now everything else seems really big in my hands. But going to 0s (from knitting hats on 11s) was pretty crazy, too!

Leafling cuff
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The sock pattern is named "Leafling" and it meshes wonderfully with the colorway. There is a very subtle striping that could have easily been pooling or flashing. It would have been had I worked the sock over the suggested 60 stitches. However, after knitting the cuff it became clear that even the "small" size for this pattern was going to be huge.

The upside of being behind the rest of the club is that everyone else has already figured this stuff out. I was able to find someone else's (thingwhatsqueeks on Ravelry, are your ears burning?) commentary on working the sock over 54 stitches. While I could have figured it out myself, it went much faster to read her notes and jump in from there, especially with how well she wrote it up.

Leafling toe
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Another user on Ravelry did a great modified toe, but I decided I didn't quite like it. So I made my own. The decreases for the toe start in the pattern itself and near the very end I added additional decreases on either side of the pattern. It came out lovely.

I'm already well into the second sock and anticipate finishing them this weekend.

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