Monday, June 9, 2008

Frogging - Poor, poor Anastasia!

Anastasia has met her maker--me. I pulled back to the increase, completely frogging the cuff and transition. I'm not looking forward to re-knitting 1x1 twisted rib! But it just wasn't working. The sock slouched within minutes of its first trial. Her mate has the first increase at the 4th repeat of the pattern, and another at the start of the 5th repeat (the new transition).

I also found some yarn that perfectly matches the colors I dyed--which is frankly amazing. The downside is that it is Koigu KPPPM (is that really a downside?). Amusingly enough, one of the Koigu is twice the cost of the KnitPicks Bare. They also don't have exactly the same texture--but I'm going to go with it anyway. The Koigu is white and flecked with the whole range of shades of blue I dyed. I think it's going to look gorgeous as the cuff.

I'm going to take the left sock with me tonight to knit and see if I get to the end of the Bare and into Koigu. I have a new chart with plans to decrease and switch to a 2x2 rib at the top in order to cling around the knee and stay up. Here's hoping it works!

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