Monday, March 3, 2008

Icosa Issues

icosa welt ball 2
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I've started the Icosa Welt Ball five times now, knit a couple of gauge swatches, and tried a bunch of different increase-stitches as I'm working. I'm just not happy with how it's coming out. I borrowed a finished-product picture from one of the many gorgeous finished objects on Ravelry. I'll sub my own in once I get to the point I can take some pictures.

It could be the yarn. Shibui Sock seems lovely when you first pull it out. Nice colors. The texture is very squishy. But it stretches like crazy. I'm having the worst time getting a consistent gauge and a nice, tight cloth. Because this will be a pillow, I want the cloth to have a strong, firm texture, rather than a lovely, flowing drape.

I'm considering going down several needle sizes, but then my row gauge is very off. I could modify the number of rows, but then I worry about running out of yarn. I could modify the repeats of rows (more rows, fewer repeats) and keep the same total number, but then I'm worried about the overall appearance and joining the project. It's a big, complicated piecing project that could fall apart long before I get anywhere near the end and have any clue it's totally messed up.

I suppose I did want a challenge!


Diane said...

Hey - your mom's friend Diane here.

I HAVE TO KNIT THIS! Wow! I'm off to look for this on Ravelry.

I love your enthusiasm for your knitting.

TinkerTots said...

Pretty amazing, huh? Now if only I can get it to work!