Friday, March 7, 2008

Less than 5% done!

Icosa Welt Ball
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That's a daunting thought. I have one of 20 triangles done, plus all the joining that will need to be completed before this project is finished. Yikes!

I think I'm going to try and do one or two a week and just not worry about finishing it too fast. Then I'll be pleasantly surprised--I hope--with how fast it gets done!


Diane said...

Wow. I assumed this was made with diamonds of knitted stripes, increasing and then decreasing, and then matching the stripes up when joining.

Wouldn't that be easier?

Diane (

Diane said...

Still thinking here.

I guess the problem with making diamonds of stripes and then seaming them would be that the seaming yarn might show up differently across different color stripes.


TinkerTots said...

The triangles are pretty easy to knit, and I already have it memorized just after doing one. Either way there's going to be a lot of them!