Monday, March 31, 2008

Icosa Half-ball

Icosa Half-ball
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I think I can formally say I'm half done!

There are ten triangles knit and joined here (yay) and hung over my daughter's beach ball, sitting in a small bowl to keep it from rolling away... the strange things we do to take pictures of WIPs.

I also have the pillow-form sewn out of some old burgandy material that I once used to make DH an over-vest for his Ren Faire costume. I've had yards and yards left over sitting in a box gathering dust for ages, so it's a good use for less than one yard of it, since it shouldn't even be seen once the project is done. The fabric was a bit heavier than I really wanted to use, but that will just make for a sturdier ball-form, right? Right.

Here's hoping I get done with the rest of it soon enough, and then graft shut all the holes...

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