Thursday, February 28, 2008

Little Red Rose

Little Red Rose
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A small project, this was still one I really enjoyed making. The stem seems a bit too flimsy to me and I'm on the hunt for some pretty leaves to add to the back. When completely finished, it will be a lovely lapel-pin for my black wool coat.

The construction was pretty enjoyable. Each part knit up easily and fast. I enjoyed the trick of casting on. I didn't enjoy assembly, but I knew I wouldn't looking at the pattern ahead of time. It didn't help that I seemed to get tighter and tighter in my knitting as I went. If I'd relaxed a bit the whole thing would have slid together more easily--maybe. It's still a lot of little fiddly work.

The pattern came from cabledguy's blog. He was kind enough to post it to our sock club's blog as a use for left-over yarn from January's socks.

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