Friday, April 4, 2008

Sometimes, you just need a break

I'd gotten into a funk earlier this week and couldn't figure out what to do. I was plain old tired, and sick of just about everything. Cleaning house certainly wasn't appealing, but neither was working on any of the projects I have in line. The Icosa Ball wasn't going to do it for me, but I still wasn't ready to jump in and knit up my hand-dyed yarn, nor to leap into the March "Leafling" pattern with my Lucky yarn from the BMFA sock club.

So, I dropped the kids off at the daycare for a couple of hours and ran a couple of errands before meeting with a friend. One of those errands landed me in Ben Franklin Crafts--which just happened to have Debbie Bliss Rialto yarn on sale. I'm happy to say I bought some, with the plan of making an Amigurumi bear from a book I bought on a lark.

The Rialto is a lovely, soft yarn. It inspired me. The pattern was adorable, I started working on it before I went to bed that night. As I fell asleep, I actually thought about the project and planned ahead to working on it the next day, feeling energized. In fact, the next day my energy spilled over into getting things cleaned up and working on the laundry and the house.

It went so quickly and it was fun to do a little crochet for a change. In short, in a day-and-a-half, I had a new finished object, and I was well out of my funk.

I'm glad I took a break from my knitting and broke out of my usual patterns. It was worth it!

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Diane said...

Love the Valentine Bear! So perky.

I've been FINISHING old projects. Sounds like a good plan, until all the new ideas come bubbling up and I can't stand not to start one.

Your mom and dad can't wait to get out there and have fun with all of you. Grandma really enjoyed her phone time with her granddaughter last week.