Tuesday, February 19, 2008

They are done!

The Serendipity Socks are done! Yay! I lost track of how many times I pulled them back, but I got quite skilled at it. The first few times I used waste yarn to weave in a 'lifeline', but after that I simply pulled out a needle and wove it in on the strand I wanted to start from by picking up the front of each loop. Then I could rip back with impunity, stopping on the needle and starting up again. I'm rather proud of 'perfecting' that little skill.

The socks look great. The heels are a bit pointy, but I think they may block out very nicely on my feet. The yarn feels very nice slipping the socks on for the first time. We'll see how it wears!

I wish I had finished them for Valentine's Day, since I had that as a goal. The yarn kept reminding me of chocolate-covered-cherries. YUM. But we're not far off and I'm still going to love wearing them.

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