Friday, March 26, 2010


260 yards "Punta"
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I'm a little behind in my Spindler's challenge posts, so I think I'll stick a few in here in quick succession.

January's theme was "Vitality". I'd been working through a bunch of samples that I had received in a swap (I sent away five+ ounces of cotton I knew I wasn't going to spin, and got back five one-ounce samples of a bunch of different wools). One of the samples was "Punta", which is named for a region in South America, rather than a breed of sheep. This makes it a little more difficult to categorize since you could get wool from many different breeds that happen to live in that area.

This wool was white, medium staple with a soft sheen, and a little crimp. It was soft, but not "Wow! That's soft!". I've been trying different techniques with the challenges and on this challenge I decided that Vitality, to me, spoke of the vital energy of an unbalanced single. I spun intending to get a lace-weight single with a short-draw to keep it very smooth. I was extremely pleased to be right on the mark with my spinning!

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