Saturday, March 27, 2010

Truely Outrageous

February's Spindler's challenge theme was "The 80's called, they want their tacky back".

Tacky doesn't really describe my stash, or my style. But I did have a small length of dyed top in bright colors that instantly reminded me of my wardrobe in the 80's (intense pastel button-down shirts with the collars turned up.. yikes!). I also had left-over fuschia firestar and what jumped out in my head was a memory of a cartoon called "Jem!"

I rented my LYS drum-carder to further blend some batts I had purchased online. When I was done with those I went ahead and created this batt. I broke the braid into its parts and then fed each one into the carder individually so that they would cover the drum evenly, and blend in-between. I also added a very healthy portion of sparkle.

Spindler's Challenge - Jan 2010
After the "Vitality" single last month, I really wanted to see what a multi-color batt like this would do in a single, too. So I spun it much the same way as the white Punta, but what you get is a pretty different yarn. Even if I dye the Punta now, the fibers in any one section will all be one color. This yarn blends from shade to shade along its length. Where one color section moves on to the next, the colors swirl around each other. And even as a single it is much more "lofty" and thus softer to touch, having been spun from a carded batt. I really like both singles and it's great to get to compare them.

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Araignee said...

I am a product of the 60's who was a young mom in the 80's and those brilliant colors and that sparkle really capture the spirit of the decade in which I learned to knit. My eyes hurt thinking about some of the colors I put together for my first projects!