Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pixie Dust

Here I am, finally caught up to March in my Spindler's Challenges, and this month the theme was "Fairytales and Folkelore". I had in my possession this roving, pulled from three batts, which I created for a class on combining and blending colors in drum-carding. I'll go more into that in another post. But in short, this roving is made up of three batts with a base of gold, rose and aqua wool. To each was added dyed tussah silk, angelina, more wool to tone or tint, and some silk cocoon bits.

My daughter loves her fairies and the theme called to mind the glowing trail of dust Tinkerbell leaves behind as she flies. There is certainly plenty of sparkle, here!

Triad - Pixie Dust
Since the roving is an experiment, I also experimented with the spinning. I spun thicker using long-draw. I tried super-thin. And I settled on my current favorite for small amounts of fiber--a lightly spun single.

I love this compared to the single I spun last month straight from the batt. Since this is a pulled roving and I spun the batt from one end, this is still even more lofty. The colors mix and blend throughout the entire length, rather than blending from one to the next slowly. It will knit up in a significantly different fashion and I'm looking forward to seeing that, too!

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Katrina said...

I love it. that's a great name for it. We just ( me and my kids) kool aid dyed some wool and colleen named hers very berry.
I hope to have the photos up this week end.