Saturday, April 19, 2008

Baby Kimono from Mason-Dixon Knitting

Here's a new finished object. I was still needing a break from the Icosa Ball (I'm back working on it now and enjoying it again!) and I had it in my head to learn Continental-style knitting. Kelley Petkun speaks repeatedly in her Knit Picks Podcast about making a whole bunch of Baby Kimonos out of Mason-Dixon Knitting. It sounded like a great project to try a new style of knitting... very forgiving of mistakes. It is done completely in garter stitch--so no pesky purls to slip you up.

I'm not sure yet Continental will be my favorite. I'm quite good at English style, and my gauge is very sure and even. Clearly on this you can see where I slipped on gauge as I figured out how to keep the yarn in my left hand. Still, it's darn cute and it was a good project.

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