Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Grandma's Ulmus

Grandma's Ulmus
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This lovely shawlette stayed with my mother this year after our wonderful visit. It's had an interesting journey. You may recall that the yarn actually started out bright golden and took some extensive baths in dye. It also had a tiny mistake I just couldn't leave alone.

In the end it came out lovely. The yarn is 100% silk (Louisa Harding's "Mulberry", which is gorgeous, but normally far too pricey for me at $15/50 gram ball). It has a great hand and it knits up really easily. It isn't quite as forgiving as a more elastic yarn and I do prefer having some wool in the blend. However, working with a non-elastic yarn is not enough to stop me any longer, and everything still came out really even and the shawl blocked wonderfully.

Grandma's Ulmus
Without wool in the mix, the silk has a fantastic drape, and is wonderful to wrap on to wear. It goes on cool but doesn't chill as it warms almost instantly against your skin. Mom and I also had terrific luck finding a lovely shawl-pin to hold it in place. I usually just tuck the ends in, but this little twisted stick makes everything really secure. I didn't get a picture of it, but I'm sure Grandma will love the pin, too.

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Araignee said...

It really is lovely! I can't wait for shawl weather again. It's like wearing a hug!