Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stash Update

Today, there was sun. It was amazing. It was beautiful and... my children were sleeping. So instead of fleeing the house and running across the neighborhood lawns with much abandon, I drug out my Macro Studio and the half of my stash I have been pretending doesn't exist, and I took pictures. I added yarns to my Ravelry stash page, and made sure all my fiber for spinning was included as well. I moved items from the stash page to "all used up" status, and double-checked one last time. I planned what yarns for what patterns and in the end felt much better about 3/4 of my stash. The remainder refuses to be labeled for its exact use and thus remains an annoyance to me. I desire everything to be in a nice bin with a plan, rather than waiting about undefined. The plan may change, but there at least should BE a PLAN.

It's rather daunting to see what you've socked away around the house, and at the same time rather gratifying to see how much you actually have knit through as well.

It was also rather nice to take a final look at a few skeins and realize that I'm really not going to use them for anything at this point. I put them in my Destash page for reasonable prices (I hope) and if interest happens, great. If I come up with a Plan for them before then, great. But right now they're redefined in my head as "not in stash". I've had good luck destashing so far, so here's hoping I get a message or two showing interest!

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Geek Knitter said...

It's a good thing you took those pictures yesterday...

And I am NOT LOOKING at your de-stash page!