Friday, April 3, 2009

Eva's Hat

Eva's Hat
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Here's a quick little project I've been using to fill my time. I've found that knitting a large object (or in other words, a sweater) on circular needles causes my hands and arms to ache after a few rows. Rather than push into the area of repetitive-stress injury, I've opted to knit those few rows and then move on to something smaller that doesn't seem to bother me as much. I've had this cute little hat on my "to do" list for a long time, thinking I'd use it to finish off the Baby Cashmerino I had from the Striped Cardigan. I thought the two might compliment each other nicely.

Eva's Hat
I opted for the 18" size, thinking the 15" would be too small. While that might be true, I believe that the 18" is going to be a bit too big for the intended recipient (my niece, who is not-quite-one-year-old). Modeled here by my 4-year old daughter, it's quite cute (but still a little bit big). On me, it's just a tad tight. Part of that was learning more about Fair Isle. I thought I had kept the floats in the back loose enough to not be a problem. The knitting looked just fine when laying flat. But once you pull on the band a little, the tight spots become quite clear. I spent quite a bit of time redistributing tension across the band as best I could, but I still can tell where it puckers a bit. It's not fatal by any means, but I'm really glad I got some beginner's practice before embarking on a larger project.


knitsewjo said...

The hat is lovely, such soft colors and even tension. It's knit with one of my favorite yarns, Baby Cashmerino! Digressing: The desire to crank out lots of Fair Isle without puckers led to the purchase of my first knitting machine. A HINT: Not too many years ago, Beth Brown Reinsel suggested, when knitting small Fair Isle items in-the-round, keep the 'knit side' within the circle of your needles and the float side outside. It truly does help (me)to keep the floats in control!

TinkerTots said...

I told my Monday Night Group your suggestion and everyone thought it was brilliant! Thank you so much for a great tip.