Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's done! It's done!

Icosa Ball done
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The Icosa Ball is DONE!! YIPPEE!!

I decided near the end to put in a zipper along one seam rather than graft it shut over the ball. It felt like a wise choice, considering that two kids in my house could make a total mess of this massive amount of work. The zipper doesn't go down the middle of the graft, tho. On my drive home after discussing it with my Monday night knitting group, I had a "brilliant" idea. Instead I ran it down right next to the green purls on two triangles, and on the other side I knit the band between them the full five rows of stockinette (this replaces two rows on both sides of stockinette with a fifth grafted row between). It worked great! You can hardly find the zipper now. It's a bit of a wrestling match to get the ball in and out again, but that's just fine.

Apex Graft
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I made a couple of other changes to this pattern as well. The apexes were to be grafted shut by picking up ten stitches and then pulling yarn through them twice. I picked up twenty (one for each knit row and skipping the grafted row) and then K2Tog for one round. II then pulled the yarn through the remaining stitches twice and knotted it off. I think it gives it a smoother appearance.

Now, I can finally jump into some socks!


Diane said...

That's really smashing!

You've done a great job. It's stunning, even from a distance in a camera shot.

TinkerTots said...

Thank you! I am really insanely thrilled to get it done. It's squishy and soft and HUGE. The pictures don't give a good idea of it's size. I'll have to get one of me holding it!

knitsewjo said...

I love your knitting brain and your icosahedron: the colors, the texture and the playfulness! And, no, I can't see the zipper, even with a hint.
Jo (Who IS knitting socks.)