Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Solar Flare

I'm really excited!

I'd like to introduce you all to Solar Flare. I know many of my friends have seen it in person already, but I am extremely happy to have finally finished the pattern. I had some wonderful feedback from my test-knitters and I think together we were able to put together a really nice pattern.

Solar Flare is a semi-circular shawl. It is knit from the center towards the points and has a 3-stitch garter border along the top edge. The increases in the pattern are carefully incorporated into the lace. If you look very hard, you might find them! But otherwise they simply hide in with the rest of the pattern allowing it to grow organically.

Solar Flare
I know my friends had great fun watching me puzzle out the math on this one. I didn't make it easy on myself. The pattern repeats seven times. I found out that the shawl needs to grow an average of three stitches each row. These two numbers are distinctly incompatible, but I was finally able to make it work!

Solar Flare is now for sale on Ravelry.


Linda said...

That is a lovely project. I love flow-y designs (rather than geometric). This one fills the bil for sure.

Anonymous said...