Sunday, April 3, 2011

A little cream on top

Just because it never hurts to go overboard with monthly goals, I have an additional two ounces to add to March's tally. This is just over two ounces of camel/silk blend which I have been spinning for almost a whole year. (I checked--I bought this fiber last May and it was to add to a small sample that was already in progress at the time.)

I started spinning very carefully and mindfully with an eye out for consistency of single. As time went by, my skills improved so things went faster, but I also finally let slip that need to scrutinize every last inch--mostly because I didn't really want to look at it any longer.

This is another project I pulled off the spindle onto my niddy-noddy and then portioned back out for a 3-ply yarn. I believe I originally intended 2-ply, but all that mindful and thin spinning would have yielded a true laceweight yarn, and I just finished knitting 800 yards of laceweight in a very complicated pattern and I don't want any more of it. So 3-ply yummy light-fingering weight yarn it is.

There are about 190 yards here in 60 grams. I think it will be a cowl, eventually. It's just the right amount and should be positively gorgeous.

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