Monday, December 27, 2010

Under my Christmas Tree

Christmas 2010
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This year I found sock yarn.. from my daughter.. for me.. to knit my daughter's new socks. (She requested socks before Christmas, and then went shopping with Daddy and picked out the pink yarn herself. Can't you tell? Only it was worsted weight Lamb's Pride wool/mohair blend. This yarn is the exact same shade. Only it will actually make socks. So will the Merino-cashmere-nylon yarn. But those will be mine.)

I also found a gift certificate to Paradise Fibers from my mother-in-law (which has now been turned into a super secret surprise I may unveil at a later date when I get over the glee).

Christmas 2010
And fiber from my husband in the form of four ounces of deliciously sparkly batts and six ounces of yummy merino-silk-yak blend. (He's a keeper.)

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year. May it be filled with fabulous fibery goodness!


Araignee said...

A husband who buys yarn and fiber as gifts? What a great guy!

Janel Laidman said...

Oh, what a good Christmas Tree you had this year with that under it! And how sweet is that, that your husband picked out sock yarn and sparkly batts!