Friday, June 18, 2010

Bad Blogger Gets Distracted

I think a lot of us could title posts this way with the start of Summer! So much to do, so much to see, so many new projects...

So many "secret" projects for me. I have lots of knitting and not much I can share. So here's our new garden, instead!

I'm not much of a plant person. I manage to kill off the hardiest things, and the only reason my violets survive in the kitchen is perfect lighting, and self-watering pots.

This year, tho, we're trying a garden. My husband and I put together an 8'x14' raised bed. He dug out the sod, and then we both put in retaining wall bricks and a couple of units of dirt. It looked pretty good. And then we let our daughter go crazy on the seed rack that held plants that were supposed to be happy in Oregon soil.

Our garden is a little haphazard. It is largely picked out by a five-year-old with a couple of additions suggested by both Mommy and Daddy to go in the corners.

For instance: from the daughter side of the equation we have sunflowers, nasturtium, watermelon, and strawberries. She also wanted tomatoes again, and we put two plants in our rolling, self-watering planter because they grow like crazy in there. I suggested bush beans, basil and oregano. Daddy tossed in that some hot peppers might be pretty.

New Garden - First plants and sprouts New Garden - First plants and sprouts New Garden - First plants and sprouts New Garden - First plants and sprouts

They have all grown a bit since these pictures were taken, and I'll have to do a "garden update" very soon!

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