Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ravelry Voting

So, the Phat Fiber group is doing a little contest. There are lots of entries up here (it's a link to the Ravelry Forums, so you'll need a login to get there) and they are supposed to be anonymous. There is some pretty amazing spinning, knitting, crochet and felting up and it's fun to look through. Especially since the entire thread is just pictures and you don't have to wade through ANY chatter to enjoy the pretty.

But I'm in there (twice, once for the knitted object and once with the handspun to make it). Votes are made by clicking on the "love" button on the post.

I'd LOVE(1) it if you'd stop by and look. My entry "should" be obvious.. and I'd love it if you'd Love(1) that! And anything else that you love, of course.. but especially mine ;)

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